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    • How & Why the Blueprint Works

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    Business Overview

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    Market Analysis

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    Marketing & Sales Strategy

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    Business Development

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    Financial Projections

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    Staffing & Operations

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    Resource Requirements

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    • Executive Summary

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    Next Steps

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Course Bonuses

In addition to full course access, you will also receive:

  • The Blueprint Workbook

    Download the specially curated Blueprint workbook to support you in developing an effective business strategy.

  • SJC Community Access

    Join a diverse community of Caribbean entrepreneurs to share ideas and resources in our closed group forum.

  • A Free Coaching Session

    One thirty (30) minute video call directed towards further refining your business development strategy.


La Vern By Melanie Renee Testimonial

by Ms. Melanie Thorpe

What stood out to me the most was Sade’s mentorship, out of the box ideas and easy to follow breakdown of a business plan. Her mentorship helped to motivate me to push my business harder and provided much needed reiteration that more content was needed from me in order for me to be consistent. She also emphasized the importance of knowing your customer profiles, having a business plan and collaborating with other entrepreneurs. All of these are reasons I would highly recommend Sade Jemmott Consulting and the Blueprint... definitely 5 stars!

Riverside Medical Clinic Testimonial

by Dr. Sonita Alexander

The Blueprint is a well structured course, with great support. It inspired me to rethink my business and look closely at my target market. I highly recommend Sade Jemmott Consulting because of the priceless information. Sade is also very good at motivating you!

Salad Bowl Barbados Testimonial

by Sham

Sade was able to help us understand our target market and our competition better. She provided excellent advice which led to us figuring out which sales strategies worked best for us as a micro-business with limited resources. After the Blueprint, we were able to take a more critical look at the direction of the business and decide on a model that best accommodated our situation and goals. I would definitely recommend her because she offered guidance in a personable and encouraging manner.

Pups In Paradise Testimonial

by Ms. Shakeila Messiah

My experience was excellent. In some ways the Blueprint exceeded my expectations! Sade is very knowledgeable and she explained so much to me that I didn’t know. She really opened up my eyes on what I need to improve and work on going forward. I would definitely recommend her. She knows her stuff!

High Maintenance Detailing Testimonial

by Mr. Richard Foster

I participated in the very first cycle of The Blueprint and my experience was a very good one. My expectations were met and I really appreciated the one-on-one coaching. I would recommend it to anyone because it is only right that other small businesses get the opportunity to gather the same knowledge I did on how to get to the next level.

Astrape Finance Inc. Testimonial

by Ms. Melinda Belle

The support I received from Sade helped me regain the vision and passion I once had for the company I lead. I am better equipped to restructure the company's operations and develop a business model which will further expand our reach. Having a business plan is necessary for projecting, navigating and adapting a business' course. The Blueprint gave me that!

Lifestyle Medical Services Inc. Testimonial

by Dr. Petra Crookendale

Doctors are not taught any business management skills in medical school or residency. This course provided a pivotal starting point for my transition from public to private practice. Blueprint is a great way to start out with a small business.

Kidz Ville Testimonial

by Sharmanyke Husein

Sade was very thorough in making sure [everyone] understood each step as we went along in completing our business plans. As a young entrepreneur hearing another person’s perspective on the way I deliver my products opened my eyes to a lot of things that I never would have thought of on my own... she gave me some very important tips and suggestions which I have started to implement. I believe that the ideas and knowledge that Sade has to share could be of great benefit to many...